You need to have sound body and mind capable of performing specific activities independently

Minors must have supervision by Parents for performing the activities

Before performing any activity, read, listen and understand the instructions completely.

It is mandatory to understand and accept the risks involved in the activities

What should you wear?


We recommend well-fitted clothes with easy movement – long shorts or exercise pants. Make sure that the clothes are not hanging loose as there are chances of them getting entangled in loops and ropes. Your skin should not be exposed much and hence we recommend t-shirts and not tank tops and pants and not skirts for the activities. This is because the harness might rub your bare shoulder. During winters, sweatshirts are recommendable.


It is necessary to protect your feet. Wear appropriate shoes like sneakers or hiking boots. We do not recommend heels, stilettos, flip-flops or uncomfortable footwear. We will ask you to change your footwear if we do not find it safe.

Hair and Accessories

Please stay away from accessories as they are a safety hazard. People with long hair need to tie them up in a ponytail to prevent any kind of mishap.

All these rules and regulations are for your safety and security.