Board Games


The black and white world of amazement is here, only bigger than what you must have generally played. We bring to you Giant Chess that brings alive this game of castles in an interesting manner.

Snakes and ladder

The worldwide classic game of snakes and ladder is recreated in a unique way at Swapnashrusti Adventure Park. This game of ups and down is much more exciting when played with many players.


Put your brains together to play the majestic board game of Ludo. Choose your favourite colour of the four and make sure you have the best strategies to win this battle.


Hop in square one, hop out. What fun it was to play hopscotch with all the friends. We have revived this most favourite game to make you let your hair down and return to your childhood.

Hoop toss

Toss the ring around the peg. Make sure that you aim the right target. Oh! How interesting this game is. It requires both concentration and patience. Play alone or with as many players as you want to.

Ball Maze

Sharpen your navigation skills with this fascinating game of ball maze. Wander around the maze finding the right exit. One who manages to escape first wins the game. Are you game?


Test your physical skills and acumen with the remarkable game of Jenga. This interesting game is much more fun when played with life-size wooden blocks. Be careful, don’t tumble off.

Angry birds

Get rid of all your stress with this exciting game of angry birds. Aim and shoot. Shoo away the pigs and save the eggs. The recreation of the video game in actuality is quite amusing.

Tic Tac Toe

You sure might know all the tricks and trades to win the game of Tic Tac Toe, but playing this full-scale version requires a little more effort. Prime yourself for this cool match of mathematics.