Swapnasrushti Adventure Park is an interactive outdoor adventure experience,

set in natural environment on the pristine banks of Sabarmati River.

Spread across …….acres, the park is designed as a quest to discover your own self through exciting activities and recreation. There is a huge ensemble of activities to test your strength and endurance and of course, patience.

The adventures are created at elevated platforms at different heights that maintain the interest levels of the visitors throughout. Every activity has been conceptualized with a motto that basically tests your survival tactics.

It is the best way to spend time with family, friends, individuals and colleagues.With this, we strive to offer our visitors a never-before experience that is etched in their memories for time to come.

We make sure that you have enough to explore, discover and also learn through the medium of adventure.

Swapnashrushti Adventure Park has been built to the international standards.

We have taken utmost care of your safety and security.

Throughout the construction, the entire team has taken care of the trees, animals and the local surroundings.

All this emanates in the environment here. You are sure to have a positive and healthy time here.